FSPA Pinball League Manager

Pinball leagues around the world are on a steady rise. More and more players are discovering the fun of weekly match-play league competition. Great leagues need a great tool to help record and share their results. We can help!

Here are just a few of the reasons you should be using League Manager to run your pinball league...

Supports most match-play league formats. League Manager is already being used by dozens of leagues with dozens of different rulesets. If your league has custom rules, there's a good chance we can quickly incorporate your ruleset into the system.

Supports virtually any device. Enter scores and view results/stats from any device with an Internet connection and Web browser: mobile phone, tablet, laptop, PC. And data is compressed on the fly, so we won't burn your mobile plan's data, and the system moves quickly even with a slow connection.

Detailed results and statistics. Admit it, you're a stats junkie. See complete results for each match. Colored medals quickly reveal personal and league-wide high scores on each machine. Super-close games are highlighted. Dig deep into player-vs-player performance, player performance by machine, machine results by player, and much more. Most stats are color-coded to help quickly see what's what. Stats are available for individual meets, seasons, and the lifetime of your league.

Innovative badge system. You know those fun badges or achievements you've seen on console games? We've brought them to league pinball. Hundreds of badges are available for players of all skill levels, celebrating the most skillful of achievements (qualifying for the playoffs, winning your group multiple times in a row) to the silliest (most 7's in your machine scores for the season!) (Badges are only available for some league formats.)

No junk. No ads. No tracking beacons. Minimal scripting. You and your players don't want that stuff. Just pinball goodness.

FREE! (as in beer) We think your league's cash should be used for awesome awards and events for your players, not for administrative tools. We will never charge for any features.

Want to check out the system for yourself? Visit the FSPA's League Manager site. Got questions? Send us E-mail, we're happy to help!

Ready to start using the system? Tell us about your league and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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